January 30, 2021

How to Choose an Auto Glass Repair Company

Choosing an auto glass repair company may seem easy nowadays since choices will flood a device with a tap or a click. However, not all companies within the list generated through an internet search are experts at what they do. Some in fact could not possess the required licenses and permits to operate their business. 

To avoid landing in such trouble, and to ensure a safe auto glass repair or replacement, motoring experts say vehicle owners should only entrust windshield chips repair and replacement to reputable companies that have a proven track record of expertly repairing or replacing windshields and auto glass. 

Choosing a Windshield Repair Company

The best way to get hold of a reputable auto glass company is by deciding to hire only a licensed windshield repair company. The vehicle owner should say no to freelancers, no to over-the-counter repair kits, and say no to himself as well. Do It Yourself windshield repairs are extremely dangerous and could do more harm than good. 

Secondly, a vehicle owner should know where to find a good windshield company. For instance, he should refrain from finding a technician from social media sites, or online classified ads that do not entirely ensure the legitimacy of the company that is advertised. 

Finding a Reputable Auto Glass Repair Service

The best way to get hold of a reputable auto glass repair service is through a personal recommendation from a trusted person. A referral is best since the person recommending the company has experienced the service of the company himself. He can also give an idea everything about auto glass repair company charges, and the general customer experience when hiring the said technician.

For those who have not received a recommendation, searching through reputable websites, and verifying licensing and insurance details are the keys to getting a good service. 

Reputable Websites to Look for a Windshield Repair Company

One of the best websites to check when finding a reputable company is the local Better Business Bureau. It lists local service providers, the status of their business legitimacy, plus pending complaints on the company if any. A national organization of windshield repair companies is another good website to check out as these organizations usually list members in good standing per area. After finding the candidate through the above-mentioned sites, vehicle owners should then verify the licensing status of the company, plus the details of its insurance coverage. 

Windshield replacement tips for first-time car owners

First-time car owners are usually safety and maintenance conscious when it comes to dealing with their cars. However, cars are bound to get damaged, either due to usual wear and tear, through accident, or ill-maintenance. Windshield replacement is one of the more costly repairs a vehicle will need. And while most procedures could get done within an hour or two, it would require the vehicle owner to slow down on the vehicle used for a couple of days to ensure good adhesion of the new auto glass. 

So what should a first-time car owner expect from a windshield replacement procedure? What happens when his windshield breaks or cracks, and calls for an outright replacement? This article aims to guide first-time car owners on what to do and what to expect during a windshield replacement procedure. 

Dealing with a broken or severely cracked windshield

It is understandable for a first-time car owner to feel overwhelmed when dealing with a broken or severely cracked windshield. In the first place, not all vehicle owners have experienced such, secondly, it is an expensive procedure to pay out of pocket, thirdly, it could cause inconvenience, and fourthly, it presents safety risks. 

As much as possible, the vehicle owner should refrain from driving his vehicle to an auto repair shop. He should instead park it in a safe place. If he has an insurance policy, he should take photos, and notes about the accident, and then inform his insurance company about the damage. 

Windshield repair and insurance claims

Usually, the insurance company has a list of accrediting windshield repair companies that the vehicle owner can choose from but in case the owner’s preferred company is not on the list then he could just inform the insurance company about it so that they could do something about his request. 

For those whose insurance policies will not cover a windshield repair or replacement, he should choose a windshield repair provider who can safely install a replacement. The vehicle owner can choose between having a towing service bring his vehicle to his chosen shop, or hiring a mobile windshield repair company that could provide onsite windshield replacement services. 

Windshield replacement procedure

Upon getting in touch with a windshield replacement company on Google, the vehicle owner could either stay in the shop lounge or continue to go about his day, and just come back for his car. Below is the step-by-step procedure for auto glass replacement:

  1. Removal of the damaged windshield. This procedure includes seal and molding removal so that the old windshield could get fully removed from the frame. 
  2. Thorough cleaning of the windshield frame. The windshield repair technician will see to it that the frame is completely clean and that any traces of the old molding have been removed from the frame. By ensuring that the frame is clean, the car will be all set for the installation of a new windscreen. 
  3. Spraying of fresh urethane. The windshield repair technician will then spray a fresh coating of urethane on the frame to ensure that the new molding could completely adhere to the metal frame that holds the windshield in place. 
  4. Installation of the new windshield. The technician will then install the new windshield in place, and ensure that it has correctly and safely bonded with the metal frame.

After the above-mentioned procedures, the technician will then provide the owner some post windshield replacement aftercare recommendations to ensure the safety and total adherence of the newly replaced windshield.