Traveling to Jamaica with CBD Oil

You do not have to wait in vain to use CBD Oil in Jamaica.

Jamaica is possibly one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The scenic destination in the Carribean is home to resorts and diving areas that are a traveler’s dream. For travelers who use Cannabidiol Oil, it may be interesting to note the rules in bringing in CBD to the country.

The first thing that travelers have to hurdle in bringing Cannabidiol Oil to Jamaica is the guideline set forth by the United States Department of Homeland Security’s Travel Security Administration (TSA). Travelers are advised to have their Hemp-Derived CBD Oil in its original packaging so that the security officers will have a basis about its THC Content. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive substance found in Cannabis that causes mind-alteration, euphoria, and the feeling of being stoned.


Since CBD Oil may contain some minute traces of it, the consumer has to show that the THC content in his CBD Oil does not contain more than .3% of THC. This information is usually declared in the CBD Oil packaging, along with other crucial information that makes medicinal CBD allowed for therapeutic use. Among such critical information is that a licensed hemp grower should produce it. Moreover, it will also be helpful to have the prescription for CBD be packed next to the CBD Oil package.

If and when a TSA officer finds a reason to suspect that there are other prohibited drugs within the possession of the passenger, then the passenger may be called in for further screening. This can, in turn, delay him from boarding his flight, so it will always be best to factor in this possibility to avoid missing a flight.

Towards Jamaica

Once a passenger has already hurdled the TSA screening, his next concern will be entering the country of Jamaica. Jamaica has legalized the recreational use of Cannabis or Marijuana, which is the close cousin of Cannabidiol. There are marijuana dispensaries too all over Jamaica, as medical marijuana is allowed in this country also.

Cannabis, which is locally known as Ganja, can be legally smoked within a private residential property. However, a person cannot smoke Cannabis or Ganja in public. He cannot also bring more than two ounces or about 52 grams of Cannabis in his possession outside his house. Bringing anything more than this threshold is a crime in Jamaica.

The only exception is Medical Marijuana. If medical marijuana is bought in a dispensary, a person can possess more than two ounces of it outside his home. He, however, has to have his prescription for these, and he can only use it in his private residences or right in the dispensary.

Cannabidiol Oil, on the other hand, is allowed for recreational and medicinal use as long as it does not contain significant amounts of THC.

Uses of CBD Oil in Jamaica

CBD Oil has numerous uses for persons living and visiting the beautiful country of Jamaica. Some use it for health purposes, while others use it for relaxation. Here are some of the reasons why Jamaicans and its tourists choose to use Cannabidiol Oil:

1. It relieves pain. CBD Oil has rich anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve chronic and acute pain. Cannabidiol Oil can get rid of the pain associated with terminal illnesses, and musculoskeletal pain caused by neurological diseases. These pain-relieving properties do not have the harsh side effects associated with strong pain relievers and Anti-Inflammatory Medications. It is also non-addictive, and it is not likely that the patient will develop tolerance to the supplement.

2. It helps cancer patients weather the side effects of chemotherapy. Chemotherapy may be highly effective in killing cancer cells, but it can cause harsh side effects that weaken the patient’s body. By taking Cannabidiol Oil, the patient gets to be relieved of nausea, dizziness, and headaches. It also helps restore the patient’s appetite so that he can recover quickly from the chemotherapy session. It likewise helps them sleep better.

3. It is a big help for children with epilepsy. One of the reasons why CBD has been recognized in mainstream medicine is because of its ability to prevent the occurrence of seizures among children affected by the Dravett and Lennox Gastaut Epileptic Syndromes. Epidiolex is not a mainstream pharmaceutical drug that has CBD as one of its main ingredients.

4. It lowers blood pressure. Hypertensive Jamaicans have grown to recognize CBD Oil’s positive effect on their blood pressure levels. Since CBD is anti-inflammatory and has high levels of crucial omega fatty acids, it helps keep blood pressure at normal levels. By doing this, it helps lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases among those who regularly consume it.

5. It aids in mental illnesses. Cannabidiol anxiolytic properties are remarkable when it comes to relieving clinical anxiety and clinical depression. Its influence over the production of crucial hormones that influence the mood has been very beneficial in reducing anxiety, depression, and even severe stress and post-traumatic stress disorder.

The five above mentioned reasons are just the top few reasons why CBD Oil is getting popular in Jamaica. It is usually consumed either as a pill or tablet, in vape form, tinctures, or as an edible. Some restaurants and bars offer CBD Infused beverages, drinks, and pastries. There are also Jamaican resorts that offer CBD Infused massage that helps restore supple, youthful-looking skin. There are also cosmetics and skincare products that aid in retaining moisture and smoothness of the skin.